Low Cost Satellite Launching

Stein Astronautics developed a 60,000 lbf Thrust Rocket Engine using LOX and Alcohol.  Our Engine is based on Pintle Injector Technology, which is readily used today. We are currently developing and testing a second stage engine capable of 6,000 lbf of thrust.

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Engine Testing

Stein Astronautics has completed Ablative testing, Cold flows of the injector LOX, alcohol, and both interacting.

Vehicle Design

Stein Astronautics will design and test the components required to launch a 100 kg satellite in a 800 km polar orbit.

Second Stage Engine

Stein Astronautics is developing and testing a Second Stage Engine with capabilities of 8000 lbf of thrust with test ablative nozzles, suitable for second stage of a satellite launcher vehicle.




University of Waterloo team victorious in rocket competition south of the border

WATERLOO — Before launching their rocket more than 4,000 metres into the sky, the University of Waterloo Rocketry Team first had to fire it straight into the ground.

CSCA Canadian SmallSat Symposium 2018

February 13, 14 & 15, 2018

A convergence of leading and emerging corporates, policy makers and regulators, entrepreneurs, investors, and academia the CSCA Canadian SmallSat Symposium 2018 will be another milestone event for Canadian space.

2017 Spaceport America Cup

JULY 4, 2017

Stein Astronautics was a Platinum Sponsor and Technical Adviser for Waterloo Rocketry who successfully launched the Vidar III rocket at the 2017 Spaceport America Cup.



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